Private CAB Diver in Lyon – Secure Messaging

Transport of important documents in CAB vehicle in Lyon


Our CAB driver in Lyon is trained in safety driving. He will discreetly and confidently take care of your confidential documents or urgent pleas towards your partner. Our service is simple: you entrust us the envelope against signature, we deposit it at destination with your contact against signature. You will have the guarantee and the assurance that no obstacle will occur and that your document will be delivered by hand as soon as possible. We will adapt to your constraints for a higher quality of service.

Our Service is designed for Professionals and also for individuals (official documents of lawyers, passports, and so on.)

AJIS stands for : Security, Trust, Reliability. Nothing will come across the road for you between you and your partner or recipient. 100% guarantee.
A seasoned professional for your urgent and confidential messaging.


  • Urgent Documents
  • Urgent fold
  • Small urgent package
  • Calls for tenders to be handed over in the communities
  • Small industrial equipment
  • etc.

We insure your mail for any distance :

  • Lyon
  • Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
  • France
  • Switzerland
  • Europe

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